First Leede Concert in Warmond

10 juni 2006 Pasadena and Vereniging De Vrienden in Warmond have been able to organise a unique musique festival in Warmond. Location will be the harbour of Warmond on the borders of the beautiful river De Leede. On thursday 22 nd of june a variety of pr... Lees meer

Jamfestival At Sea (Noordwijk)

2 juni 2006 After the succes of last year Rob Caspers and Jan Kiewiet de Jonge have given the start of a new series of jam festivals starting from june up till august in Noordwijk that will take place on the Palace Plein. On friday 23 rd of june Cuban Experience... Lees meer

Bingham Boys jamming on Volvo Ocean Race

30 mei 2006 On tuesday 13 th and wednesday 14 th of june 2006 Pasadena will do several gigs in Rotterdam on different boats. Wild Bill (trombone) will be joined by Franky Arrindell (steel drums and trumpet) , Axel Gunning (guitars), Claudia Kassier on piano and... Lees meer

Brandnew children CD featuring "Leidse Sleuteltjes"

8 mei 2006 After an absence of approximately 15 years the famous Leidse Sleuteltjes are back in key-town. In an promiotianal action of the tourist board VVV Holland Rijnland to publish a holliday book for children ("Vakantie Ontdekboek") Willem Ki... Lees meer

New York swings with Pasadena All Stars

28 april 2006 The Holland Night in The Netherland CLub in New York was an other great evening. Arthur Heydendael, Karin Rathje Posthuma and Ines had done a perfect job organising a terrific dinner, after the annual drink (borrel) in the Netherland Club. There was ... Lees meer

Aaron Winter and Pasadena in Cannes

8 april 2006 On the annual party of Troostwijk Makelaars during the MIPIM this year we had a great morning programme before breakfast. A very nice aerobics teacher gave some work out instrucitions and soccer hero and trainer of young Ajax Aaron Winter tought us s... Lees meer

Natuzzi opens new store in Cologne (Germany)

20 maart 2006 Family Bartels and Natuzzi have hired Phaedra Kwant and her band to open the new store in Cologne (Germany). The beautiful designed store is located on the Hohenzollernring and was opened in style with a huge crowd and lots of press. Music was presen... Lees meer

Sister Sledge and Pasadena on UNICEF GALA

9 maart 2006 Pasadena Productions and Sister Sledge performed in The Hague for the annual Unicef Gala on 25 th of march. The City of The Haque was transformed into a fairy tail set where 500 guests enjoyed a sper dinner and were entratiained by Phaedra Kwant en S... Lees meer

Promotiefeest met Pasadena Soul Society in Amsterdam

11 februari 2006 A Matter of Taste & Pasadena Productions organiseren op zondag 19 februari 2006 een mega music party voor relaties, bedrijven en kijkers in het West Indisch Huys te Amsterdam (Heremarkt 99). Het West Indisch Huys staat bekend als een van de mooi... Lees meer

Pasadena Nieuwjaars Borrel 29 jan. 2006

20 januari 2006 Bij deze wil Pasadena Productions musici, kennissen en vrienden van harte uitnodigen voor een Nieuwjaars borrel op zondag-middag 29 januari 2006 tussen 14.00 en 17.00 uur. De borrel zal gehouden worden in het Hof van Holland te Noordwijk (adres: Voo... Lees meer
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